NEW COUNTRY shortlisted for TLC PEN FACTOR competition 2015

“The TLC Pen Factor was superb.  I was delighted to be shortlisted in the first place, particularly given the quality and diversity of competition.  It seems like no time at all since New Country was an idea scribbled in the back of a notebook. Fast forward and suddenly I’m on stage pitching to a panel of industry movers and shakers.  Their considered feedback was excellent, particularly in terms of how to “elevator pitch” a novel which very much blurs the boundaries of genre.  I was familiar with some of the panel from previous writing events but that didn’t make the experience any less daunting.  There was encouragement, constructive criticism and a real sense of perspective on the expectations of the marketplace.  Surreal, nerve wracking and absolutely worthwhile pretty much sums the whole experience up.”

Full article and event reading:


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